Advantages Of Using ePrompter With AOL

There are 17 million AOL accounts with approximately 50 million AOL email addresses. If you are one of them, I think you will agree that it is very difficult to check on more than one AOL email account at the same time.

As you know, AOL users have no way of checking email messages for an AOL screen name other than the one they're on, without logging off of one screen name and logging back on again to another, or by going to AOL's web mail and submitting to that whole process - extremely tedious, especially if you have several AOL email addresses that you want to check, or if you happen to have a family with a bunch of AOL screen names on one AOL account and everyone impatiently waiting to check their password protected messages at the same time.

Of course, any AOL user knows by now that you can tell if a specific screen name has email by going to the "Switch Screen Name" box which indicates a screen name has a message when that specific mail icon is yellow. And now AOL has even made it so you can tell how many messages you have when you go to the "Switch Screen Name" box. That helps, but it doesn't tell you who the messages are from, what they say, etc. So you log off and back on to find out that the message waiting for you was a FWD of a FWD of a joke you heard three years ago - and didn't like it then either! You get the picture. A complete waste of time.

ePrompter is the solution to this problem - it was designed specifically to allow AOL users to easily check multiple AOL email accounts at the same time without having to log off and on every time.

ePrompter automatically checks messages for up to sixteen AOL screen names simultaneously - and when your messages have been retrieved, a rotating tray icon and unique screensaver let you know at a glance the number of new messages in each of your accounts, which can then be easily read in full whether you are online or offline. You can even delete unwanted messages or messages that you have already read, the next time ePrompter checks your email. It also works with AIM, POP3, Hotmail, Yahoo,, Juno as well as hundreds of other email domains.

And now ePrompter allows you to compose, forward and reply to the messages that have been retrieved by your ePrompter.

And it's a snap to set up and easy to use at home or away. In fact, ePrompter's download, setup and uninstall are so easy and non-invasive that it is basically portable, making it ideal for retrieving your messages anywhere - not only at home or at the office, but even on a remote computer! You can get your messages wherever you are with ePrompter.

It also makes it easy for AOL and web based email users to retrieve their office email, which is usually POP3, while at home.

Give it a try - it's FREE! 

ePrompter's Privacy Policy

ePrompter's is committed to bringing users relevant and useful information without asking for or collecting personally identifiable information (name, address, phone number, email address, etc.) from visitors to our website or users of our ePrompter email retrieval and notification software.

Your private information is encrypted and stored only on your own computer and will never be shared with anyone else!

ePrompter's End User License Agreement

ePrompter's End User License Agreement can be found here.

This software is provided free of charge to the Internet community, courtesy of Tiburon Technology, Inc. The download for this software may be freely distributed by email. Actually, if you like ePrompter, we encourage you to tell your friends about it!


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