Why no updates?

Is anyone working at ePrompter?

You going out of business?

What’s going on?

Yes, we are here and we are still going strong.  Any reports, any rumors, any innuendos that we are giving up, shutting down, going out of business are 100% FALSE!!  On the contrary we are working harder than ever on ePrompter and the future of ePrompter.

In reality, we at ePrompter are at our 14th Anniversary!! It’s hard to believe that we have been helping users with their email needs for that long... but we have.  What is even more amazing is how much the internet and especially email has changed since our beginning in 1999... astronomically.  Fourteen years ago, even the thought of SPAM and SPYWARE didn’t really exist... and now today, email providers are doing everything in their powers to thwart it.

Over the past fourteen years, we have worked hard to keep ePrompter functioning as efficiently as possible.  Unfortunately, with some providers making changes almost constantly at times, this has been an enormous task and sadly in some cases, “fast patches” were the best avenue of attack. The downside, those patches can add up and make even the best programs harder and harder to maintain. With ten years of this, it can add up.

In 2011, with some new major changes to several email providers, almost at the same time, it became even more apparent that we needed to consider some major re-coding of the ePrompter back-end... the “heart” of ePrompter so to speak.  With well over a million lines of code, this is a pretty enormous task but one we felt needed to be done in order to keep ePrompter going now and throughout the next decade and beyond. In addition, there are new tools, and new techniques that can make things operate better, faster and be easier to maintain.

For the past 3 years, we have been doing just that. In addition we are looking at a few new features and items that we just couldn’t add before that we may work in with this re-coding. We are pleased that this huge task is coming along nicely... but we are still not finished.  With the amount being done, we want to ensure that these changes work better than ever and are thoroughly testing and changing it as we go. 

In addition, we don’t like setting “release dates”... which is nothing more than a deadline.  That has two detrimental effects... it just give people “hope” that can’t always be met, and it often forces developers to release something that is buggy or missing parts... just to meet the date.  We don’t want to “pull a Microsoft” and release something that just isn’t ready.

We know that when this task is finally completed, the new ePrompter will be even better than ever. Of course, it will still be as familiar and as easy to use... but much more stable and with some new “bells & whistles”. We are sure that our current and future users will love what is to come.

As always, your patience in this huge endeavor is greatly appreciated.

The ePrompter Team